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Why I switched from Nexus to Huawei Mate

I have always been an android admirer and after my initial misadventures with some android phones I adopted Google Nexus phones. I liked that fact that the android versions that google phone came with were  the latest and also if there was a new release it would be mostly rolled on to a Nexus before it was seen on others.


My Initial craze for Nexus gradually faded when the feeling of being a guinea pig for all those experimental features crept in. The phone memory mostly insufficient for all those memory hungry new apps would stall the phone and the phones would usually get very hot .Recurring updates now became more a pain than something to be happy about.  I consider the Nexus 5 to be the best form factor and the right choice for people who like to experiment with it , may be root it etc., I even like it as display device for my Raspberry Pi. I still use my Nexus 5 (2 of them) as home devices with no sim but connected to my home wifi it serves as a alarm clock, music player (Google Music). I use my Nexus 7 (2 of them) for my social media needs like Facebook, news, Flipboard or occasionally use to play snooker.


I have recently become a fan of Huawei. The first one  I bought was Mate 8, The phone felt awesome in more than one ways. The battery life was exemplary with charge lasting more than 2 days at times even after heavy usage. It came with the octo-core processors which would let dozens of application run simultaneously effortlessly.  I have to mention the camera which had now become my second camera (Along with my Canon DSLR). There were times when I would not miss my DSLR and be happy with my Mate 8 photographs. With my DSLR i could only shoot others but it comes to selfies its the best.


When Huawei Mate 9 was released this November, 2016 I did not wait to grab it when it was available on stores. Unlike the Nexus phones which I retained while buying a new phone I swapped my Huawei Mate 8 to get the new Mate 9. The Mate 9 to me is undeniably  “the best smartphone” in market. I don’t want to bore you with the specs but would like to share my personal experience with the phone. Mate 9 even though is large it still is convenient to handle. The Mate 9 comes packed with more power than its predecessor and feels better in hand. The finger print recognition is amazingly fast and accurate. Mate 9 comes with the new EMUI 5 and Nougat (Android 7). The Smart controller allows me to use it as a remote control for home Television, Set Top Box and also for my Canon as remote. The Huawei comes with a dual rear Leica camera which is better than the Mate 8.


Cashless in India

img_9371The Demonetization has taken everyone even the ones who announced it by surprise, and suddenly there is deafening noise about digital economy. Digitization has been a known challenge in Indian economy mainly due to 2 two reasons :

  1. Not all are educated enough
  2. Not all have internet connectivity

However keeping aside these teething issues, I would like to look into the areas where I certainly would like to have digital involvement rather than physical money.

Toll Plaza

Demonetization or not this is one place which should have had cashless transactions long back. The people using Toll plaza are either rich or part of organized transports like Trucks and buses. A cashless usage of Toll plaza can reduce the average transaction time significantly where the toll attendant has to tender the change back, enabling less stagnancy and faster movement of vehicles. (Paytm has recently announced it’s partnering with NHAI for the same)

Public Transport

Public transport like Train, Metro, Bus, Taxi and Autos. This again is one more place where cashless transactions can help a lot both to the passenger and the providers.  Developed cities use single prepaid cards that could be used across multiple public transports.

Utility Bills 

Utility bills like Telephone, electricity , Gas, etc., are one more candidate for online payments and indeed many of them have already started online payments. No one stands in lines to pay these bills in cash now a days. But these services require you to have a debit/credit card which can be one issue.

Small Vendors

Small vendors like Milkman, newspaper vendors, Tea shops , kinara shops still depend a lot on cash transactions and this is where the rubber meets the road and real change is required to enable them with cashless POS (Point of Sale) devices. The recent demonetization has shown how these small vendors too have adopted cashless transactions had proved that all we need is a will to change the means will follow.

It wont be long before India adopts the digital revolution. This also signals a huge potential for startups and biggys to come up with innovative ideas and ride this wave of digital economy.

Digital India campaign launched by the Government of India to ensure that Government services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology.

How to keep yourself motivated

“How to keep yourself motivated”?


One of the biggest questions that you face after spending a subsequent time doing the same thing is how do you keep yourself motivated.There are people who are lucky to be able to follow their passion and still be able to make a living out of it, but this is not true for for all. The one who do a job only to make money. Even more difficult is that most of us are not blessed with a job that proves challenging every day. Motivation is something which helps you keep going on doing what you are doing. Have you ever seen a counter clerk, a salesman in a shop in a mall, a taxi driver, a air hostess, … these are people who on a routine face similar situations and similar people.

Ever wondered how they manage to be happy and keep doing the same stuff daily.

So how do you keep yourself motivated, no matter what you are doing. One very frequent question that I usually ask my self is “Should I be doing different things” or “Should I do things differently ?”

In a generation which believes in switching jobs every few months motivation is achieved by doing different things. I am of the belief that motivation can also be done by doing things differently.

Feeding the Elephant

I am assuming that almost everyone reading this already has a Job and the one which which has a 5 day week or a 6 day week. Leaving at least one day to spare. One of the most effective way to follow your passion is to adopt it as an hobby. Leaving your passion to rot while you keep doing your mundane job is the worst thing you could do.


Diversify – When you start realising that you are loosing interest. This is what large companies do when they see a stagnancy. Do something totally opposite of your core business.  As an individual a long loved hobby could be a good place to start. That one passion of yours which were not able to give time just because you were neck deep saving your job and making money. People usually tend to neglect small things while they are busy looking up. Start to see things with a different set of glasses in a different shade. Make sure your diversification doesn’t add more stress to your existing life. Keep it simple and go light on it. Do stuff that come naturally and need no forcing.

Motivation is the carrot on the stick that encourages you to continue do something even though you may not be enjoying in doing it and remember Self motivation has no substitute.