Magizhchi !!!

Not the best of Super Star a.k.a Rajnikanth

But good enough to bring #Magizhchi to all those die hard Rajni Fans for whom Rajni movies have become a rare phenomenon now a days.


A movie devoid of the typical Rajni comedy and stunts, However for a man who captures his audience just by his aura. Style and Rajni are synonymous whatever he does becomes a statement. Be it the way he flips the goggles before wearing or how he throws and catches a cigarette, or the way he walks or sits everything.

No doubt this movie will break all previous records and might become another landmark, however with such an expectations it would have been great if movie was worth its hype. The story seems to be a good one and woven around a good message, Rajni does what he does best and so is the supporting cast. I somehow felt that the makers could have used the plot better and also at some places it seems as if they were dragging it a bit more. To much of Malay dialogue could have been avoided and scenes where Kabali is looking out for his wife in Chennai and Pondicherry could have been tidied up a little more. Radhika Apte has done justice to her role and plays it well, I understand its too much to ask for Rajni movie but Radhika Apte should have given a little more screen space. Liked Danshika and the twist of her turning out as Kabali’s daughter rather than a paid assassin intending to kill Kabali.

The last scene of the movie implies that someone shoots even Rajni in the end, Giving a message that even the Hero has to die after being a Gangster, But the movie makers have intelligently not shown that seen had they done it Rajni Fans might have burnt the cinema hall.

Finally Leaving you all with the lyrics of the famous title song:

Neruppu Da!
Nerungu Da!

Bayama Ha Ha!
Nerunguda Papom!
Posukura Kootam!

Adikira Alikira Ennam
Mudiyuma Nadakuma Innum!

Adakuna Adangura Aala Nee!
Eluthathum Piriyura Noola Nee!
Thadaiyellam Mathikira Aala Nee!
Vidiyala Virumbidum Kabali


Karunaiyai Maru
Kavalaigalai Aru
Idhayathil Oru Irukum Varum Poru
Yaavum Inge Maayam Maayam
Un Veeram Engum Seeri Paayum
Nam Desam Engum Rosam Yerum
Oru Vaarthai Kooda Pudhu Maatram Kaanum

Na Vanthutenu Solu
Thirumbi Vanthutenu,
25 Varshathuku Munadi Epdi Ponano Kabali,
Apdiye Thirumbi Vanthutenu Solu..
Kabali Da

Viduthalai Adai
Vidaiyena Ninai
Bayathaye Murai
Pagal Kanavai Udai
Veeram Thyagam Modhum Modhum
Un Tholil Kaayam Aarum Aarum
Ini Kurotham Dhrogam Maayum Maayum
Varungaalam Ini Idhigaasam Aagum.

I am not a Rajni Fan but Could not resist the following photoshop




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