I believe in “la vida no vale nada” and wish we had an “Internet of Nothing” or “Internet Nirvana”, However the most popular thing now a days in the internet world is Internet of Everything or Can I say “Internet Anti-Nirvana”.


While IoT seems like the genie that could solve all the problems, it is of great concern that individual privacy is at stake with IoT. Undeniably IoT is gaining on popularity and  various researches suggest that there would be roughly 25 billion connected devices by end of 2016 and this figure would double by 2020.

“The internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items- embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data…” – wikipedia. IoT has a wide range of usage in Home and Organisations.

Several companies are eagerly innovating new applications and solutions for IoT infrastructure. The connected world is the new buzz word with Organisations striving to provide the seamless experience to their consumers by identifying them and scanning through their social profile to provide customised offers based on their likes and dislikes. But before IoT can become a practical reality there are issues that needs to be addressed to ensure success.

The challenges in Internet of Things include Compute, Addressing, Encryption & Security. Extreme high volume of new data that comes with growing number of devices in IoT will require resources and powerful computing. IPv6 could handle the growing need of addressing and identifying every individual devices. Connecting, authenticating and securing IoT communications is one another important need that needs to be addressed.




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