PowerBackup as a service


The way in which a lot of things from science fictions have come to become reality makes me wonder whether one day I could just download power from cloud. What I mean to say is what if it was possible to store and retrieve battery power in the cloud. As weird it might seem I am sure people would have thought the same about email, chatting, cloud storage or even online banking more than a decade ago. A decade before who thought you could do a video chat with your buddy across the globe using your smartphone in your hand. A lot of changes in the past few years have made physical world come lot close to the virtual world.


Let me elaborate. Lets assume I am out in a whole day meeting and sometime in the evening realize my phone is totally drained, with nowhere to charge/not being able to get out of the important meeting/having not got the power cable etc., I just decide to login to my cloud powerbackup provider and “ZOOOP”!!! my phone gets charged from the internet. All I need to have was a subscription to powerbackup as a service where I could either store battery power or buy in 2400mAH, 5400mAH,….


Does anyone else feel that this is possible at all…


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