Secret Ingredient for Innovation

What drives innovation. Over the time although one gains knowledge from experience and craves for innovation all the way he is reminded that one needs to practice humility. But wait…  isn’t it true that those with courage and perseverance achieve what they desire.

So is it right to say “Innovation = Courage + perseverance”

We all know “Courage + perseverance” need not always result in Innovation what we actually need here is Intellectual Autonomy with Confidence in reason along with Intellectual Courage and the most importantly … Intellectual perseverance. 

Intellectual perseverance defined as the disposition to work one’s way through intellectual complexities despite the frustration inherent in the task. Some intellectual problems are complex and cannot be easily solved. The intellectually perseverant person displays firm adherence to rational principles despite the irrational opposition of others, and has a realistic sense of the need to struggle with confusion or unsettled questions over an extended time to achieve understanding or insight. (Taken from the book Critical Thinking By Richard Paul & Linda Elder)

While a lot of innovative ideas start with independent thinking, courage a lack of intellectual perseverance kills it prematurely so to me the Secret ingredient for innovation is Intellectual perseverance.



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