Life of technologist on Move made easy

You would remember those days when Video games, books/magazines, or puzzles/Sudoku and Rubic cubes where the only things one can think to pass time while in a long haul or holidaying in some remote part of the world.

Technological changes in the past few years has enabled us to keep connected even while on the move. Being able to communicate and still be in touch with their corporate messages is a dream that every technologist would love to live. Connectivity through WiFi Hotspots or mobile broadband devices have made this dream a reality.

If laptops were the devices that accompanied your travels in the past decade scenario changed with the arrival of smartphones and tablets. Laptops have now become the PC and tablet/smartphones have filled in the void. The immense power these devices now come with and the small form factor makes the defacto travel companions, in conjunction with the exponential growth with the social media. It is unimaginable for some one to not to share an status update in Twitter or Facebook while on move. Instagram and Pinterest are words which infants come chanting these days. These able devices not only let us stay connected to our social network but also to our office needs. Responding to an one of important mail or keeping updated with a project scenario is something which every executive will want to do even if holidaying or in vacation.

The problem with some of the tablets available in market is the lack of a full fledged keyboard and this sometimes handicaps the person who has the need to type a long mail or work on some presentation while away from their comforts of the office. Devices like the Transformer T 100 are those which are dual functional with ability to convert into a laptop with a sleek keyboard or remain has a handheld tablet makes them an ideal companion for a technologist on move.

Its Time to Transform


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