Our Generation has seen the extinction of lots of things which once were considered a pride possession. The technological changes in the past few decade may have swept past so fast that we have not realized a lot of things have been wiped off from the face of earth, while some are breathing their last breath.

This post is not to reminisce our past but to make sure that we respect our present as we might not know when it will cease to exist.

ambassordorI fondly remember those days when after a long train journey to my grandparents home there is to be two options of commute from the railway station to the grandparents house, an Ambassador taxi (white), or a bullock cart. I would make a great scene so that my father chooses the Amby and not the bullock cart and why not, the sofa like seats of the Amby were far more convenient that the bullock cart which  was neither comfortable nor a pride.

The Ambassador was not only the car for the politicians or film stars but was also available as taxi. Who can forget the yellow cabs in Kolkata and the faithful Fiats in Mumbai. The Ambassador has been named as the most comfortable taxi and takes the number one stop even topping the London Taxi.

The Ambassador car has a very comfortable rear and front seats. With the shift gear just beneath the steering wheel and not the floor stick gear it offers even more space in the front seat. The great amount of boot space could accommodate 3 to 4 large suitcases. The seats are actually spring sofa and feel great even in the bad roads.

Its a sad thing that now compact cars have replaced this great car and the decline in sales have forced the company to stop its production.


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