Break Free

While I thought no iron chain could hold me .. No rope can tie me..  No Cage could hold me.. Life plays mysteriously and holds me captive not with chain nor with rope or a cage but a floral garland.

Break free
Break free

There is a nomad in me trying to tear of the exterior and emerge into this world. It like the beautiful warrior behind the tough armor.

There is a rebel in me trying to plough through resistance. Running towards the charging uniformed me.

There is a traveler in me who is both curious and excited in whatever I see. Wanting to scale every inch of this world.

There is an artist in me who tries to locate a masterpiece in every scribble or stroke. I see beauty in a drop of water, a random stain, a puff of cloud.

There is a little bird in me which wants to soar into the skies like an eagle a Jonathan seagull. I dream of flight, the flight of a super human with no jet-packs but just open hands rising into the blue sky and effortlessly gliding.

I hope someday I break free..


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