Your new Pizza Delivery Man

Google’s recent acquisition of Boston Dynamics and a few other startups with similar interest have raised a lot of eyebrows in the tech world.


Robotics is not new to Google and we all know about its earlier interests with autonomous car. Google’s recent foray into robotics is a sure indication of the coming future. The timing of this just after Amazons drone affair certainly points to how unlike Amazons ambitious project which may not be a reality in near future the Google robots may be something that can be on roads with less legal hassles.

Google’s work in speech and speech recognition is already known to everyone, Google is also well versed in maps. So all it required to bring all this together is some hardware. An android based operating system for robots which can be programmed and controlled by your mobile device or online can be one possibility.

Don’t be surprised if your pizza delivery man was actually a robotic humanoid who came in an autonomous Google van.


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