Kick the laptop

In a recent conversation with a senior executive from my company he shared his desire of being able to kick his laptop and be able to use his mobile device for all his tasks. Some can argue that Phablets actually provide such facility .


The smartphones at present do provide some level of such liberty but it seems not good enough. The requirement actually was use the mobile like an actual computer when required and also be able to carry it around with ease along with being able to actually use it as a phone to communicate.


All the recent surveys do point towards the fact that people have started to accept the Tablets as the better way. PCs and Laptops are hard to carry around and hinder mobility. One of the important factor that can catalyst this changeover is the way in which a tablet can provide the comfort of a laptop and still being so sleek. A tablet should not just be a brick or slate in hand that is hard to handle. Tablet users often have to shell out more to find a dock, which assists in usage of the tablet.  If one really wants to switch from a laptop to tablet one should know that the tablet should be as comfortable as the laptop. The lenovo yoga tablet is one such device that is so easy to handle and yet more ergonomic to use.

This can be a great boon to executives who mix working in a office and travelling. Be able to dock your phone and use it as a computer working on your precious presentations, documents, just as you would do in a PC and then take it along when you are out travelling. 

So are you ready to kick the laptop …


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