A wait too long


There are times when I feel like being in a lonely railway station having missed the last train. Only optimism could be the reason for me still waiting here. With hope that there will be another train that will come and I can board it. It has been a boring experience with no one else to talk to and hope alone fueling and keeping me going. The dim light of hope keeps diminishing as time passes. All those small things that I do, happiness I try to see keeps me entertained. Sometimes I think I should have rather kept walking may be reached half way through instead of idling out here. Confusion kicks in and sometimes make me worry whether I have wasted time waiting here, whether I have passed the critical time. Do I still have a chance of starting my walk and make it to my destination in time or I better not loose patience and wait for some more time.

While all these thoughts have started boggling my mind I see a dim light in the far yonder which I am not sure if its moving towards me or just stationary. Should I wait or start walking.

Its still mid night and long before the day break.


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