Good morning LinkedIn !

There was an interesting discussion happening between some of my colleagues a  few days back. The topic was about which social network they check first thing as they enter office. It was surprising to note that out of the most popular ones that exist now thatincludes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus it was LinkedIn has emerged as the winner.


There was time when twitter used to be the first site that I visit in the morning, I felt twitter was interesting and lots of people sharing their thoughts, news and stuff. However things went stale as my follower count hit saturation and the cap on the people I can follow reached the limit. The Retweet and mentions dropped and I got bored. Then I switched over to Google plus, I was happy sharing my blogs, photographs and would often visit the site to see if anyone has commented, re-shared or liked (+1)  my posts.  I had never been a fan of Facebook due to some dumb reason and rarely visit it, Also the office network restricts visiting social networks like FaceBook but are open to twitter , LinkedIn and Google +

LinkedIn which used to be a simplistic professional networking site which allows multiple levels of connections and keeping track of the past and present jobs has changed a lot with its newer avatar that allows sharing of interesting articles news , Job postings, Groups. It has become a hub of professionals connecting and collaborating. Sharing information has never been such a fun as it is now in LinkedIn. In LinkedIn people are connected to professionals those who they work with or are acquainted to, and due to this reason people think twice before they post unlike in Twitter/Facebook where they are interacting with unknowns or friends.

So which is the social network that you visit first thing in the morning?


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