Guess I should squee

Here I lay on my couch wearing a jorts watching a twerk and enjoying my me time in my dappy mood. Feel no FOMO and continue reading.

My apols if you are wondering what my blabbering above are they are the new words added in the ODO (Oxford Dictionary Online). Oxford Dictionary Online is adding a slew of new words that only recently came into general usage, many driven by fast-moving trends in the technology and culture. We have witnessed a drastic change in technology and culture in the past few years, thanks to smartphones, internet, social media. In the recent past we might seen inclusion of “googling” aka “searching” but the following words are way out of league.

Listing some of those words with their meaning here below

Squee – great delight or excitement
Dappy – silly disorganized or lacking concentration.
Jorts – denim shorts
FOMO – fear of missing out
Apols – apologies
Twerk – sexually provocative dance with hip thrusting movement and low squatting stance.
Me time – time spent relaxing on ones own.



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