Devastation in Chardhams

Source : Geological Survey of India

We all have been watching over and over how pilgrims visiting Kedarnath and other nearby areas have become victim to natures wrath.

While the army has been toiling day and night in the intense rescue mission saving a lot of people and providing them the needed assistance there is a blame game going on between politicos and local administration. People have been cursing nature for such a devastation but the only ones to be blamed are we  the people.

Source : Geological Survey of India

I came across this very old photograph of the Kedar Valley (From Geological Survey of India). The photograph is dated 1882. What is very obvious from this photograph is the amount of illegal construction and development this area had seen since then. The temple which once stood a lone structure in this valley had now changed into a buzzing civilization with hundreds of construction around it, thereby altering the natural path of the river.  While the fact stands that such calamities have happened in the past and will happen in the future the only thing that matters is how we prepare ourselves to tackle such scenarios.

This could be the right time to put in some kind of restrictions  that could have saved thousands of life. Those settlements that have been washed away by the rivers spate should not be allowed to be constructed again. The loss of life should attributed to the local administration that was unable to manage things during the calamity and still is unable to provide the necessary amenities.



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