What does the recent revelation of the Prism program mean for the tech industries that are already struggling to convince people about the security of data stored in cloud. The US tech scene has been shaken with allegations that authorities are monitoring US and international Internet users on Facebook, Google, YouTube and countless other services from the likes of Yahoo, Apple, Skype, AOL, Microsoft and more.


Since the advent of cloud computing and cloud storage it had always drawn skepticism regarding how secure the data stored in cloud is.  There has been a huge amount of reluctance on whether enterprise data should be stored over cloud. In the past few years a lot of convincing by those who claim to know more about cloud had been involved so far to influence people to not be scared about cloud and go ahead with it. Just when people were getting comfortable with cloud computing the  recent leak could scare people away.

As an avid user of services from these providers who are in spotlight now I am forced to rethink now whether It was a smart decision to store data in dropbox, google docs, skydrive. Even though none of the data might be considered as sensitive still being under surveillance is something that is not desired by all. No one likes to be watched even while doing nothing.

It’s even scarier to note that data from all those social rantings done by individuals is possibly being churned by some big data engine to predict the intentions of one.


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