Death of the PC

Just realized how much time I spend with my Nexus7 (tablet) now a days. I hardly sit before my laptop unless it is utterly necessary. Most of my usual task like Checking my email, Googling something, browsing a website, tweeting, checking my calendar, etc., all are comfortably done with the tablet over the couch watching my favorite TV channel. I guess this is what true multi-processing is. Image

Reaching out for the PC to perform such simple tasks is like choosing a chainsaw to trim a beard. No wonder the PC sales has declined in the past few years and we all might have also heard how the number of smartphones now outnumber the PC. A few years before I might have been pondering which laptop I should buy next, but now its which smartphone/tablet should I buy next. A lot of you might have already experienced what I am saying here, for those out there yet to get their hands on a tablet all I have to say is “GO FOR IT”.

It might be a confusing thing to decide upon which device one should buy, but the usual thumb rule should be which ever has the best processor, better battery life cool display and last but not the least the one that fits your pocket.

I feel comfortable with my Nexus7 and have no complaints till date. It certainly is an owners pride and neighbors envy.


One thought on “Death of the PC

  1. Not sure if using the tablet etc., would cause a long term effect on ones eyes or not. I use my PC from a distance of 1 meter. But tablets will obviously be nearer. Over 20 years of PC usage, I have already put on glasses. Any idea if these tablets have been designed safe for the eyes?

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