Obsolete Gift

I recently had to write a note (pen and paper) that I realized how bad my handwriting has become. Thanks to the digital age we no longer write anything on paper but its mostly typing in the laptop or on a smartphone. We have become so used to typing that we almost have forgotten handwriting.


As a kid I remember how my parents emphasized the importance of beautiful handwriting which was practiced to perfection using daily cursive writing. In our school days handwriting was an important thing and it would carry additional marks for good handwriting. So was with spelling. Today we do not make spelling mistakes thanks to spell checks and auto-correct.  Little did they know of the future where it would no longer be required.

I also don’t remember when I last bought a pen. A mild memory of those Pilot, Reynolds and Rotomac pen which were treasured possession, a quick status check reveals that all those pretty pens lying my desk have dried out and write no longer. 

The only past rememberence of me using a pen would have been a few years before to sign cheque but that too have been replaced now by online transfers. Thanks to the digital revolution in banking.

Gifting a pen would be the most obsolete gift idea in this age. 


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