The Fourth Necessity of life.

Three decades after the advent of internet, this is the first time it has started to make more sense, with smartphones and social networking internet has become the important backbone. Information arrives and changes in fraction of seconds that yesterdays news seems like history today. 

I just read an article ( and realized it would be a crazy thing to do. Is it really possible for one to keep away from internet. The one option that comes to my mind would be be imprisoned. What do you think you will loose if you boycott the internet for an year.

Today we use internet for everything, our day starts with checking our emails and social sites and ends with it posting our last tweet/update. Even though internet has simplified a lot of our life it has complicated things as well. Its an integral part and living without it is unimaginable. Its not only our private life that depends a lot on internet but even our jobs. We are used to do a lot of things over the internet. Our digital life has taken control or us and it seems impossible to live without it now.

An year without internet will be like pushing yourself to stone ages. Roti, Kapda aur Makan ( Food, clothing, and shelter) has new addition “Internet”. If given an option of choosing three out of the above four I can confidently say that internet is going to be one of the choice made by all. I would happily choose Food , Internet and do a coin toss to select one out of Clothing and shelter. 

What would you choose ?


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