Information Explosion

When information arrives at a pace which is more than you could assimilate.

Information explosion started with the advent of television and then came internet which made information available to more people but this explosion of information has reached a different level with mobility and internet combined. Information which was only available while you were stationary either in front of your television or your computer is now available wherever you are. To store and access data was what computer/internet offered but to access the data anywhere is what today’s smartphone/tablet offers.

A decade back no one would have imagined of communicating on the move, cellphones which were still in their infancy and call rates were too high for everyone to afford. Cellphones were only used to talk to someone, but things have changed a lot with the arrival of smartphones which not only let you talk to people wherever you are but also to access your emails, search information over the internet and to blog and participate in social media. In the midlife the cellphones/smartphones did have the limitation of processing and storage but that limitations seem to be something of the distance past. A smartphone/tablet has more processing power bundled in it more than a lot of Personal computers that used to be in existence a decade ago. Storage limitations which were handled by providing slots to add more storage now seem history with cloud storage. You can now store all your documents, music, videos and what not in cloud storage solutions which offer gigabytes of free storage and if you need more you can purchase more space.

We all know that there are more smartphones in world than the personal computers now. We have already seen how those devices and technologies shown in the sci-fi movies a few decades back are more than a reality now. The way in which information technology has changed really makes me wonder what to expect in the near future. Distances have vanished and the world which seemed so huge which required days to navigate around seems so small. Days wont be far when you hear telecom companies offering inter planetary subscribers dialing(IPSD) where you would be able to talk to one of your relative who have settled in some other planet.


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