Recently I got my first tablet. The choice was very difficult but several factors like my inclination toward Google/android, the price, etc finally prevailed and I got myself a Google Nexus 7 (32 Gb).

Google Nexus 7
Google Nexus 7

The Nexus runs on the latest version of Android Jelly Bean and is backed by a 1Ghz nvedia tegra quadcore processor.  I will not go into the details technical specification as there are lot of blogs and sites with this detail already. However I would like to express my content over the features that are available with this tablet. The tablet shows extreme processing speed and touch sensitiveness.

It has hardly been a week now and with the limited time availability I have been exploring this device and found it to be a great companion. I started with downloading application from the play store a lot of productivity application and then a few social media application, games have been my least priority but I still wanted to try some so downloaded a few of them as well.

For those who are using a lot of Google services this is a great option and wont be disappointed as Google has a application for almost anything you wish for. The apps from google work like charm and have little to complain.

Few things that I noted is the odd position of the front facing camera makes it difficult at times. This is particularly when you have to do a face unlock which is a feature in Jellybean that lets u to unlock the tablet. I also regret choosing the WiFi only model which is kind of a restriction when I do not have a favorable network. I find the tablet form factor to be perfect, its neither too big nor too small. I can comfortably hold it in my hand and also view a website with ease.

Few accessories I would love to have is a Car cradle (clasp) to have it comfortably placed in the car while I use it for navigation, A car charger to go along with it. I already have cot a tablet cover which converts in to a desktop stand as well.

Finally this is what Nathan Olivarez-Giles of wired had to say about the Nexus 7

“This is the Android tablet you’ve been waiting for. Beautiful, detailed display. Handsome design and fantastic build quality. Jelly Bean feels like it was built for the Nexus 7. The first 7-inch quad core tablet, it has Porsche-like speed and agility.”


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