Ready to ride the Cloud ?

Cloud computing is the most bandied term in recent times, with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and other big players joining in the fray.  Gartner lists Cloud computing one of the 10 Key IT trends in 2012.  It has been the topic of discussion in almost every technology seminar this year. Cloud has become the most famous techno-train that every company whether big or small wants to ride.

Cloud computing trend

Even though the concept of cloud computing has been there for a while now it become move obvious around the late 2007 and gathering more steam during 2008 and 2009 wherein it was mostly discussed as a technology buzzword. The Google trends shows how the term “Cloud Computing” has been trending since 2007 and remains in the peak since 2012.

Various surveys state Cloud computing to be the technology to watch out along with Enterprise Mobility and Big Data. Even the recent Java Tech days and Oracle Develop shows how much the technologist give importance to cloud computing and mobility.

Cloud computing makes more sense with the another equally important IT trend that is Mobility. The year 2010, 2011 saw a very unique shift in the end-user interface of what used to be PC and laptops now being replaced by smartphones and tablets. Unlike PC and laptops where the only concern would have been connectivity with mobile another important area that needs to be taken care of by the application developers other than screen size is the limitation of computing power. With users expecting power equivalent to their PC or more the mobile solutions have started to rely on cloud already. Document sharing and contact syncing applications have cloud based storage. One more important thing that makes cloud computing inevitable for mobile applications is the “BYOD” a.k.a “Bring your own device” where Cloud computing essentially allows a user with just a screen, keyboard and Internet connection to work from anywhere without needing to worry about software upgrades.

Nevertheless, cloud computing is already changing how IT delivers economic value to countries, cities, industries and businesses. IDC estimates that in 2011 alone, IT cloud services helped businesses around the world generate more than $600 billion in revenue and 1.5 million new jobs.

So cloud computing is the train that still is in the station, engines started ready to leave the platform, this is one train you would never want to miss.


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