I always wanted to have an aquarium , my first glimpse of an aquarium dates to a few decades before when one of my school mate asked me if I would like to accompany him to a pet shop where he wanted to buy some worms for the fishes he had. Since then I had always longed to have an aquarium and a few fishes in it. My family being a staunch vegetarian never liked any animal around us whether dead of alive so having a pet of any variety was never an option and fishes too were a strict no. There was no chance that I could convince my parents to allow me have a pet at home whether it walked on four legs, flew or swam. This long craved hobby was put on hold during my studying years and continued to remain dormant. Things changed I moved far from home started living alone and then got married but I totally had forgotten about this.

A recent visit to my hometown where I visited a neighbor who had  a huge aquarium with an lone arowana swimming gracefully. This really awakened the long dormant craze of mine. Once back I first scouted and spotted a pet shop very near to my house and checked with him if he can provide me an Golden arowana,  This guy seemed to be very confident that he can get me one in the next couple of days so I went ahead and bought a aquarium and since I did not want it to be empty while I waited for my arowana to arrive I got a pair of gold fish.  Now I was not aware that this pet shop owner was actually bluffing and the wait for my arowana started here.

I started reading about aquarium and gathering information about various varieties of fishes and also about Arowana, Weeks passed by, I also noticed that a aquarium filled with water can be very heavy and the shoe rack over which I had placed mine was not able to bear the weight and was sagging in between. I decided to exchange the aquarium with one which came with a stand and was slightly bigger as well, as while reading i came to know that arowana can quickly outgrow any small aquarium. In between I kept calling my pet shop guy to make sure that he doesnt forget fetching me my arowana, A few days later I got a call from him and all my enthusiasm came to a grinding halt when he showed me a silver arowana while I had asked for a golden one. So the wait still continued and a few more weeks later I finally got a call from him again and this time he showed me an arowana which didn’t look like a silver arowana. So I got this fish and moved my gold fishes to a fish pot as the rightful owner to the aquarium has arrived now.


It was not late that I found out that this too was not an Asian arowana but an Australian jardini. The Asian  golden arowana are actually protected by CITES and cannot be procured that easily.

This fish is so shy and skittish that he scampers to some corner as soon as he sights someone . It is also too picky on its food and being a carnivores would not eat any packaged pellets or dried shrimps, It only eats live food and for the past few weeks I have been buying him feeder fishes which he devours within seconds. It has been almost a month now that this fish has been a part of my home. Right now he is around 4-5 inches and guessing from the size it is around 3-4 months old. These fishes have been seen to live as long as 20 years if taken care and grow to a size of a couple feet in length. I hope he does survive that long and grow to its full potential.  Arowana do not breed in captivity and almost lead a lonely life throughout as these guys are so territorial.

The arowana have been popularized due to the belief that these guys are considered as the dragon and bring good fortune to those who keep em. The Golden and Silver Arowana are considered lucky as per Feng Sui. Although I don’t believe in this stuff much my liking to this fish is due its looks and how graceful it swims.


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