Mobile e-Waste

The total mobile subscription as of now is 6 Billion and a study says that there will be One Billion smartphones users by 2015. Out of the 6 Billion users roughly a 15% of them live in India.

An year old mobile phone can just work fine but fast phased technological changes render them obsolete. With almost every mobile subscriber going for a smart phone leaves the older mobile phones being discarded. Consumers here in India have low awareness of the pollution from informal recycling of these mobile phones and tend to sell their end of life (EOL) mobiles for meager amount, a big percentage of those devices are just thrown in the trash, or given to local collectors who extract precious metals from them in environmentally hazardous ways. With little or no e-waste management existing here it becomes highly important to educate the mobile users regarding the hazards of this e-waste. Adding to the existing problem developed countries have a practice of dumping their e-waste silently into developing countries like China and India.

The challenge for the world is to collect all this e-waste and get it to more modern recycling facilities.


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