Get ready for the mad rush!!!

Earlier people had been talking about cloud, cloud computing during some technology meets, conferences. In the recent past these whispers in closed corners have grown to a level audible to people not related to the technology world. But this is not the last, believe me when I say “The Mad Rush is yet to begin!!!”

2012-Cloud2012 will not just be popular for the Doomsday prediction by Mayans but its going to be know more for the growth of cloud technologies. Just past the first quarter of this year and we already have started hearing a lot about cloud computing now.  Cloud computing is the latest buzz word in this industry that has started creating all sought of hype. Anyone and everyone now wants to be on cloud.

The Mad rush is about to begin and I would suggest all of those who still think that Cloud is a just a fluffy smoky thing that floats above its time that you start Googling and find out what Cloud computing means. Or else you would just end up giving a stupid interview as “Vishwa Bandhu gupta” (View the interview) on being asked his opinion about cloud.


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