Cloud Analogy

– VTR Ravi Kumar

Cloud computing is one of the latest computer and business industry buzz words. When I think of cloud computing the one most common work that I can relate it to is laundry.

images (1)

While we all know that washing cloths is an activity that every house hold does. Some may employ a help or buy a washing machine to have the cloths washed. Just imagine instead of every one buying a washing machine and drier and use it for personal use which may involve the initial cost and then the regular maintenance of the equipment they plan to use a communal laundry. A communal laundry is where there are a number of these machines already available and you pay to use them. If you have lesser cloths you may use a single machine and on some day if you have more cloths to wash you may choose to use two machines.

datacentercloud_hlA private cloud is similar to a setup similar to a communal laundry which is only for the use of one society or group of people belonging to an apartment complex and a public cloud is where it is a bigger setup to be used by all. There is also a hybrid cloud which is a mix of private and public cloud infrastructure.

“Cloud computing can be broadly defined as several different methods to deliver information or services to customers who pay for what they use”.


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