Et tu, Brute

Its really horrifying when your trusted friend betrays you in a situation where even with all the help you could get you would have been in great trouble.

I knew my car had some wiring issues and would stop n stop playing music when it hit a bump but was not aware things could always get worse. We did see a glimpse of the worst coming when my headlights failed to light up in the early morning when we left for our 3 days trip but still I thought it was a minor glitch.

As It was mostly day time driving with clear skies I totally forgot what had happened and did not care to show it to a mechanic when I had a chance. Upon reaching our vacation destination Mussoorie the rest of day passed relaxing in the hotel which had a great view.

It was next day when this really happened. We had made a short trip to the nearby waterfalls (Kempty falls) and while getting back the weather changed suddenly (Its normal in hill stations). It started with a slight drizzle and then it started to pour heavily , Visibility getting worse with the mist formation. At first I turned my wipers on and it did not work, Then my my headlights was not working either. Even at the slowest speed It was like we were plunging into the darkness with no clue of where the road was turning, with my windscreen getting foggy the final nail in the coffin was the defogger not working. Thankfully the blinking hazard lights still were working atleast an oncoming vehicle could see us. Our misery ended in short while when the rain stopped and it cleared up a bit we proceeded cleaning up the windscreen with a cloth. It did not take long for me to realize that this required immediate attention. We stopped over a mechanic nearby who could spot no issues with the wiring but was able to get everything working just shaking the wires. I had him change my wiper blades and moved on.

I guess its time to say Goodbye to my dear car, which has been with me for the last eight years.


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