Eye of the Storm

When sometimes in your life either its something in the personal life or work life you encounter an issue rather than just being a part of a problem and trying to analyze it from outside its better to dig deep, in other words While in a crisis its rather better to be in the eye of the storm than to be in the side as a part of debris.

Encountering problems in life is part of life but why not make most of it by digging deep into it. You would have always noticed that great people attain greatness not just by being a part of something but being the most important part.  As only those who are in the eye of the storm reach the destination while those floating in the side are usually dumped as a debris on the way.  Life may not be a bed of flowers always and when you want flowers you should be ready to expect some thorns as well.

When I try to look back in past I have always noticed that only when you have a great challenge ahead that you move on to the next level.  When you walk a whole day having seen no problem it means you are in the wrong path.

So when in trouble try hard to work things to be in the core than to try and escape it .


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