Social or Anti-Social

googleplusGoogle + has been viral so far and each and everyone I know have either been asking for an invite or asking whether I require an invite. Google had been not so successful in the social circle so far. Its previous attempts to come anywhere near to social networking like Buzz or Wave had to bite dust within few months of launch. Unlike the predecessors Google + has been able to generate some interest (Thanks to the hype created by twitter). Also to my surprise Google has recently been keen on advertising about chrome, and other stuffs in television channel. So this time Google seems to be aiming big. Even amidst denials it rather seems like a endeavor to take bigwigs like Facebook, twitter head-on.

My first impression about Google + is that unlike the previous mistakes Google + seems rather simple and built in such way understandable and usable for non-techie users as well.  Wave seemed to be a bit over the head for many of the not so tech savvy Netizens. So the simplicity is the key that is going to attract a lot many people who right now have become a little more net educated after having used Orkut, Facebook & Twitter. I also feel that people who dislike the inclination of Facebook towards gaming like Farmville, etc., would love to explore Google +. The app market is certainly working in the background to get more attractive features to Google +. The advantage of Google + is also that it provides a more organized Mashup of most of the goodies that were already in Google like Picasa, Google chat (Gtalk) etc.,

  • Simplicity.
  • More Organized structure.
  • A more experienced users.

Although its too early to comment on the success/failure of Google +, I am sure it would be fun to wait and watch where this takes us all.


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