IT research requires the much needed attention

Its really a pain to note that although we Indians have never been far behind when it comes to adoption of technology taking the Telecommunication, mobile phone, or internet as an example we are yet to prove ourselves when it comes to innovation.

One reason that can be attributed to this plight of IT in India is the negligence or not giving importance to R&D.  While companies out here are busy making bucks little do they care to spend money in Research activities.

The recent news of the the largest act of philanthropy by an Indian, Wipro chairman Azim Premji pledging in a huge amount towards Education are welcoming act but channelizing of such an initiative towards Research activities is the need of the day. We are yet to see big organization coming up to the Aid of our IITs and funding them and motivating students out there to not worry about the money but innovate. There are lots of areas related to IT which require innovation. We have seen that time and then there have always been someone who has stood apart with an innovative idea but I am sure a lot of such ideas would have sprouted but died its natural death with no one to inundate with the required funds.


One thought on “IT research requires the much needed attention

  1. Some time back u had tweeted that u were reading THE WORLD IS FLAT. Well, Indian IT is not doing enough R&D for the simple reason that they already have their hands full. All the IT companies are working overtime to ensure that we remain outsourcing power house of the world. Also, we are not producing enough R&D professionals.
    That said, this will happen, albeit slowly, very slowly, when the IT companies realize that big bucks will only come via innovation, like the IPOD, IPAD etc etc…

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