On the wrong side of the Cage…

I had a very weird dream last night which I would like to share…

It started with me and a bunch of people scrambling through some rugged mountain terrain and just as we were nearing the foot hills we come to know that there is a zoo. Curiously and cautiously I rush through to reach a barbed fence like thing and try to peek to see if get to see some glimpse of any wild animal just when I hear a roar behind me. I turn around only to see a lion standing a few meters away from me when I realize I have been in the wrong side of the barbed wire along with the lion all the way and was expecting it to be at the other side. I try to run and climb some structure to avoid the grasp of the lion just then my phone rings (Actually my morning Alarm) I wake up sweating in the air conditioned room…

Cant figure out what exactly this means but being a person who believes in sign I want to think this is some indication of things to come..


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