How to handle GAS Trouble

I am having GAS trouble. Its a common disease found in photographers and nerds, unfortunately I am both.

This reminds of a man with Gas trouble who went to the doctor complaining that he farts very quite often and surprisingly it is mostly silent and doesn’t smell. The doctor prescribed few medicines and the same person came after a week and started complaining that his problem has got worse after taking the pills prescribed. The man said now the farts are loud and do stink like hell to which the doctor replied “Now that your ear and nose have cured, lets focus on the Gas…”

I am sure you would have already noticed unlike the above Gas trouble mine was GAS. Yes what I meant was Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) “the all-consuming desire to expand your collection of gear“.

Since the time I have been addicted to technology and photography I have been accumulating a lot of stuff which I felt I wanted to have but probably never needed.IMG_1397

Just like the man with Gas the biggest challenge when you have GAS is that it doesn’t sound or smell. The first and foremost thing to do is realize that you have issue to tackle. A major part of the war is already won when you are aware of the fact that you have an issue. So the best way or home remedy for GAS is to keep a note of what you purchase, when you purchase and how much you shelled out for it. This certainly gives you an idea of all the unwanted items you have end up purchasing , how long you have been holding on to it and what you spent on them. Having this logged does help a lot when you start reviewing it once in a while and realize you have somethings which you never use. The next step is probably to be willing to sell those you use no more or may never need again.

There are lot of online sites now a days that let you buy stuff online and the ease of these e-commerce sites is what fuels the GAS, The main culprits in my case were Amazon, Souq, Aliexpress , etc.,  The list is long and am sure you have your own affinities to such sites which are constantly luring with their discounts and flash sales. luckily there are sites like Quikr or Dubizzle which lets you sell stuff as well.

My advice is keep a balance of what you buy, and sell those unwanted stuff. You do loose money by selling stuff but its far better than having unwanted things lying around.



Shoplifting is okay!!!


Yes you heard it right.. Shoplifting would be way you shop in the future. Imagine you walking into a cloth store and start putting items you like in your bag and at the end walk out.. yes correct.. walk out without standing in the billing queue.

Before walk-in stores there used to be stores where a salesperson would pull out a item and show it to you , then came an era where you could actually walk inside the store and fetch what you like and bill it to buy. Then came online shops that let you order and buy stuff from the remotest places just by a click of a button.

With IoT (Internet of Things) we could go one level further where we may do away with the billing counter. Smart tag(RFID) enabled items could automatically be added to your shopping cart and with smart wallet be automatically payed and checked-out as you exit the shop. No need to stand in the queue to bill your items and be scared to hear the loud beep when exiting the shop.

Retail shops in future could have such technologies enabled to help a seamless shopping experience. We all know “time” is “money” and more important in the fast world. Imagine you being able to use such technology in super market , Mall or even a duty free shop in airport.

Please do let me know what you think of this in the comment section.


Why I switched from Nexus to Huawei Mate

I have always been an android admirer and after my initial misadventures with some android phones I adopted Google Nexus phones. I liked that fact that the android versions that google phone came with were  the latest and also if there was a new release it would be mostly rolled on to a Nexus before it was seen on others.


My Initial craze for Nexus gradually faded when the feeling of being a guinea pig for all those experimental features crept in. The phone memory mostly insufficient for all those memory hungry new apps would stall the phone and the phones would usually get very hot .Recurring updates now became more a pain than something to be happy about.  I consider the Nexus 5 to be the best form factor and the right choice for people who like to experiment with it , may be root it etc., I even like it as display device for my Raspberry Pi. I still use my Nexus 5 (2 of them) as home devices with no sim but connected to my home wifi it serves as a alarm clock, music player (Google Music). I use my Nexus 7 (2 of them) for my social media needs like Facebook, news, Flipboard or occasionally use to play snooker.


I have recently become a fan of Huawei. The first one  I bought was Mate 8, The phone felt awesome in more than one ways. The battery life was exemplary with charge lasting more than 2 days at times even after heavy usage. It came with the octo-core processors which would let dozens of application run simultaneously effortlessly.  I have to mention the camera which had now become my second camera (Along with my Canon DSLR). There were times when I would not miss my DSLR and be happy with my Mate 8 photographs. With my DSLR i could only shoot others but it comes to selfies its the best.


When Huawei Mate 9 was released this November, 2016 I did not wait to grab it when it was available on stores. Unlike the Nexus phones which I retained while buying a new phone I swapped my Huawei Mate 8 to get the new Mate 9. The Mate 9 to me is undeniably  “the best smartphone” in market. I don’t want to bore you with the specs but would like to share my personal experience with the phone. Mate 9 even though is large it still is convenient to handle. The Mate 9 comes packed with more power than its predecessor and feels better in hand. The finger print recognition is amazingly fast and accurate. Mate 9 comes with the new EMUI 5 and Nougat (Android 7). The Smart controller allows me to use it as a remote control for home Television, Set Top Box and also for my Canon as remote. The Huawei comes with a dual rear Leica camera which is better than the Mate 8.

Update : Moved to Huawei Mate 10 Pro but still retaining my Mate 9 (Cant let it go 🙂 Mate 10 pro has a smaller form factor but bigger screen … thanks to the smaller bezels. The Camera on Mate 10 is worth mentioning. The captures are uncomparable and is my official second camera in my trips.