The BJP Hype Cycle

Why BJP was not able to perform in the ByPolls as well as it did in the LokSabha Election.

I can relate the BJPs success in the recent past to the Gartner hype cycle.. It was booming in the initial trigger, then peak of inflated expectations, now it is in the trough of disillusionment.


I am sure it will move to the slope of enlightenment and then to Plateau of productivity in coming time…

For those who do not know what Gartner hype cycle is Click here

Necessity – The mother of invention

During my initial years(1999) when servlet and jsp was still evolving, there weren’t much of web servers available. I was curious to try out servlets and the Java Server was too heavy for me to be able to installed and used in my then not so powerful desktop. This was the time when I came across Jo ( Jo was the most light weight web server I have ever come across. With a footprint less than 50 mb this was the first server wherein I had played around with servlets, JSP and tag libraries. This is where I wrote my first Helloworld servlet and my first index.jsp

Jo was created by person named Hendrik Schreiber who himself was in search of a lightweight web server and being unable to find one that suits his need he started working on creating one.

During the course of time I moved on to much better options like Tomcat, Jboss, & Glassfish and had forgotten about Jo until recently it suddenly surfaced in my mind while I was interviewing a very senior Java candidate who had more than 25 years of experience out of which 15 yrs was in Java and I asked him if he has heard of the name Jo. I really feel so happy having discovered Jo after more than a decade. The site mentions that the last update was around 2007 and this project has been officially retired.

So if anyone is interested try this out and I am sure you would like it.

Only short service in Government Jobs

gradsGovernment should think of recruiting people only for a short period (5 years) for a short service . This recruitment should take people only fresh graduates or ones with less that 3 years of experience. After the 5 years or service people should be let go and they can now join a private organization as a 5 year experienced candidate. But in case they decide they can stay a couple more years not more than that. This period is only to assist them to be in job until they find a private job.

There could be multiple benefits of this arrangement. The first I can think of is that government will have fresh/young graduates rather than the ageing old staff. Do away with retirement benefits and hence saving Crores of pension burden on the government. Freshers should be recruited so this would take care jobs for graduates.


For senior posts again people can be recruited back who have experience more than 15 yrs or so.